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Understanding the actual values of matters is  possible through understanding their origins.As the cognition human beings have  are consequently changing and developing , the values given to matters also change in parallel with the cognition that has changed. And this  shows that human understanding is at the value level of the things that they value. You know that according to human understanding, the origin of matters is something which is incomprehensible and invisible.

You remember how the primary simple atoms come into existence , and you remember that the things that occur by these atoms being combined are called matter.lf you  hold these under the microscope it becomes evident that each is composed of a motion. As for humans , of course  they can’t see and they can’t  come into contact with either the origin of these matters or spirits that are connected to the atoms of these matters. Hence, human can neither make a remark about these two things that he knows nothing about. As things stand everything that human values, is various other matters, that is to say motions, over against his body which is also a matter. According to the values that take place in human life and the  circumstances, matters on earth are loaded historical values, are loaded inner values, are loaded luck, are loaded bad luck but always live together  with the  varieties of matters, that is to say live together with the motions of matters. 

Matter, everything, universe exist to awaken the values in spirit. All the motions and   everthing which is composed of these and are called matter exist only to serve spirit. When viewed from this aspect, in terms of values in spirit none of the varietes of matter can have any value. Only because matter serves spirit, considering it by this way a different value occurs and this is a high evaluation. Otherwise matters, or even the universe do not have a value by themselves. Therefore the existence of the universe depends on the existence of spirit and the spiritual values that are required to be awakened. When valuing matters, including human body and everthing that is  in human life to this, valuing them by knowing that they serve spirits that are  their cause of existence, expands and enhances the cognition of human in evaluating matters.

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