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Let’s briefly remind, beginning from the factors causing manifestation of the principle of duality and value differentiation mechanism to the way it operates. First of all, let’s remember what is necessity, because behind the adjustment of the matters’ atomic structures being in an order there is this necessity.

Briefly necessity is stated as, the power of the original principle’s light which combines the needs of spirit with possibilities of the matter. The aspect of spirit which needs practicing in this universe is reflected over the primary matter of the universe by the light of the power that we named as the original principle, which is over spirit. What is reflecting is an influence. But, instead of something peregrinating in the air from side to side, these influences should be thought as the flowing of influences which by interweaving are deepening. There is another influence which is organizing and adjusting the contact of this part of the spirit, which is reflected to the universe, with the matter. And this is a light which is coming from the original principle, when this enters the universe, it comes to the community of the sublime beings on the border of the universe. These beings are the unity of the beings who finished the universe school, and you know that this is called unitary. Here the universe border is used to signify the level of the beings who finished the application phases in the Universe. Otherwise, there are neither beings meeting just below the universe border sign nor there is a border sign. The light which comes from the original principle, this is necessity, while passing through this unity of the beings transforms into influences carrying necessities, in other words influences which are carrying rules . The influences which are carrying rules, because of this property they have, are different from the other influences. We are keeping the other influences which are entering the universe in parallel to these separately. About the original principle, nothing could be said about the great divine power which is above this universe, infinite universes and spirits. Because, the state of an influence before it transforms into an influence can never be known and its source can never be attained. This fact separates the original principle from spirits and shows that spirits can not go out of the original principle’s shadow which is named as necessity. Now let’s look at the paths of the two influences entering the universe. If these influences are followed towards the place they come from, one of them stretches to spirit which are above the universe and from there it stretches even higher till the original principle. And the other one stretches to the unitary which is the unity of beings that are in and on the border of the universe, and from there again stretches till the original principle. So, the paths of these two influences are connected like a wishbone at the top but the arms come down in parallel. Because the time does not exist there will be no delay of influences. Now, the need of spirit in this universe is reflected over the primary matter of the universe by the original principle. What is reflecting is an influence and incorporates the need of spirit. The need of spirit is an event which is above the universe. The events above the universe could not be understood by the ones which are in the universe. But the reason of coming to the universe should be expressed in a way, and it is named need. This symbolic need is reflected over the primary matter of the universe. This matter is called amorphous matter. Spirit intermittently contacts various areas of this matter by its own reflecting influences. After a long repetition, its contact remains stable, which means spirit grasps it. As this happens another light, coming from the original principle, which transforms into influence while passing from the unitary, gets into the middle of a piece of the amorphous matter which spirit has grasped. After grasping a piece, spirit does not wait for the influence which is coming from the original principle. In fact, that influence has already come and has been waiting there as ready. You could guess how small the piece that spirit has grasped is. For this, a little investigation on the width of the atomic diameter will be enough. The influence which gets into the middle of this piece incorporates the rules. These rules which are organizing the forms and numbers of motions in the matter , are hidden in the influence, more precisely this rule is the influence itself. The need of spirit is hidden in the influences of spirit, which is grasping this piece. Because there are two influences coming to this matter, this is where the duality is born. So, the first point of the duality which comes down to the matter is here. First single duality, a single unit which holds two opposite components, the first single atom. In a general view, the bigger size of this contrast will go till the duality of spirit and the universe, spirit is active and the universe is passive, again causes duality, and this is a principle. Because the influence which gets down to the middle of the piece which has just been grasped by spirit is carrying the motion programmer within, it moves the place where it gets in . When the matter stirs, it can not reflect the influence back to its source, and spreads around. This spreading influence becomes the magnetic field of that matter. And this magnetic field pulls the other matters around itself and grows. Motion of the pulling the other matters on, becomes the first place where the motions start in the universe. This is a spin motion. And the influences of spirit, which is grasping from the outer side of this matter, reflect back . But because of the matter has been moved, also these motions reflect to spirit. Spirit remains connected to these motions through its influences passively. After being connected with the various motions of the matter for a very long time, a little instinct begins to arise about their causes and effects. In here the amorphous matter is not something visible and these events could not be seen as well. As an example of the motions reflecting back, you could think it like a mirror held by someone else to you from a distance. The shake of the hand of that person who is holding the mirror will shake the light that he/ she is reflecting and you will understand that his/ her hand is shaking. This shaking is reflected back by the influences and shakes the need of spirit. If the speed of the electrons remembered, it should be additionally thought that what kind of adjustment it will be to accompany this speed with the influences, but because of the time and space difference this speed could not be compared with anything else. The influence which comes to the middle of the basic atom - the piece which has been grasped by spirit- is changing its form of motions in regular intervals and keeps on accelerating the speed. And by collecting more particles, it puts the atom in more complex states. Furthermore, the influences coming from other beings create the elements, which we call objects, by collecting and combining these atoms. You know that influences which are coming from other beings are called secondary influences and these are magnetic fields as well. The Secondary influences do not intervene in regular forms of motions in the atoms. They hold and add the atoms, which have a duality – means balance- from their magnetic fields. Every single atom has a duality and is in a balanced situation. When they are brought together and form a substance, the similar magnetic fields of the atoms which are constituting these, get together and compose a duality, and again they come to the state of equilibrium. Consequently every object has its own magnetic field and this magnetic field has two poles in equilibrium . One can not be less or the other more. Because, every single atom which is constituting this has a magnetic field which is in a state of equilibrium . Regardless of how many pieces it has been broken into, this means the splitting of its atoms, and every single piece’s magnetic field is again in a state of equilibrium . This splitting goes till the first basic atom, and even this atom has a duality by its own. No matter how many times they are combined , which means how much the objects enlarged , again it will have two poles in equilibrium . It could be as big as the Earth or even bigger it does not make a difference, it will still have two poles. There could be no object without a duality and everything is always in a state of equilibrium. But, if another magnetic field would be added to a magnetic field which is in a balance situation, this balance will be disrupted. For this reason the magnet example has been given. A magnet when in its normal state is held in a way that the positive pole is upwards. The middle of the two poles is neutral. Its magnetic fields are its total value. A small magnet which is added to the positive side, this has a magnetic field as well, and this flows to the negative side in a moment. This is a motion. The added value causes this motion. However, it shifts the neutral point upwards as well. That point of neutral was the sign that showed the total value of the previous magnetic fields. When this sign ascends, the magnet’s total value increases at the positive side . If that small magnet is placed in the negative side, it happens the other way around, the point of neutral’s place gets far down according to its first place. The total value of the magnet increases again, but this time at the negative side. It goes down in value. Of course, every motion is not happening as fast as a magnet. Every single mankind has a magnetic field as well, and every situation that they go through has got this principle and mechanism. Adding or removing another magnetic field to a magnetic field - which is in balance- is playing with its values, which gives rise to the motion and this process is named as value differentiation. After all, this great principle - by getting down to the middle of the matter which has been grasped by spirit - causes the duality in the matter. And, with the mechanism of value differentiation, the evolution of spirit in the universe is provided. You could find further details of this knowledge and much more in the book called The Divine Order and The Universe, which was given as a gift by the beings in Duty of Earth from the Plan of Sublime Duty.

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